James 1:27

to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

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Our Mission

Rio Bravo Ministries is a faith based ministry located in Reynosa, Tamalupas Mexico, directly across the border from McAllen Texas. Rio Bravo Ministries supports Casa Hogar Rio Bravo (Rio Bravo Children’s Home), Colegio Puente de Esperanza (Hope Christian School) and The Blue School.

Rio Bravo Ministries is an independent non-denominational ministry that receives its sole support through individuals and churches that share the same vision.

At its conception, the Rio Bravo Ministries core belief was to become a "Bridge of Hope" that connected the local needy Mexican community with the wider network of resources of American Christians. In this manner we fulfill our charge given by James 1:27 "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world". What we have discovered at Rio Bravo is when you get your "Church, Youth Group, Community or Family" involved in missions a mutual life changing event happens in the lives of both "the ministered and the minstrel".


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Our Programs

Childrens Home

At Casa Hogar Rio Bravo, we operate four houses – two for boys and two for girls.  The houses are run “family style” with a mom and dad living in the house and caring for the children.  The houses average 20 children each.  Just as in your home, the children have homework and chores to complete.  Each home is a self-contained unit that runs, as much as possible, like a normal household. House parents prepare the meals, help with homework and do laundry for their children along with the things families do to make their house a home. They instill Christian values, discipline and love in a positive environment.
Each child comes from a unique background and each child has a story. They may have been abandoned by their parents, abused or as with many children today they come from single mothers who can't or don't want to care of them any longer. We try to build traditions for them and each home celebrates birthdays and special days. We come together for Christmas, Thanksgiving and national holidays. When the girls turn 15 we have a big celebration which is customary here in Mexico. On the day they arrive we start a scrapbook for them with pictures of the events in their lives while they are here. The scrapbooks have become a treasured possession.

Mission Teams

Rio Bravo Ministries has been hosting mission teams for over 20 years. Church and school youth groups, adult church groups, college sports teams, music groups and retired people have all contributed to the building of Rio Bravo Ministries.
The groups are housed on campus in air conditioned rooms and food is provided for them in our cafeteria.
Whether you have building or maintenance type skills or no skills at all, there is always something to help with at Rio Bravo Ministries.  Mission teams have done everything from building homes to painting and basic maintenance repairs.

Travel from the United States to Rio Bravo Ministries is easy.  Most teams drive or fly into McAllen, Texas where leaders from Rio Bravo will pick them up and drive them across the border to Reynosa.  A valid US Passport is required.

The cost per person varies depending on the number of days you plan to stay and the projects you will tackle.  However, it is reasonably priced typically at under $400 per person.


Rio Bravo operates two schools.  Colegio Puente de Esperanza, or Bridge of Hope Christian School and The Blue School.
Colegio Puente de Esperanza, or Bridge of Hope Christian School is a basic education K4 - 9th grade school, that serves the kids of the home, and the children in our community.  The projected enrollment for the 2016-17 school year is 450 students, 60 of whom reside full-time in the children's home.
The Blue School – In 2014, Rio Bravo Ministries began operating The Blue School as part of our outreach ministries.  The Blue School is a neighborhood school in a very impoverished area. The Principal of the school grew up at Casa Hogar Rio Bravo and received his 4 year college degree at Universidad Cristiana de Las Americas in Monterrey, Mexico. 
Our teachers are Christian men and women who are certified to teach by the Mexican government. We teach the core subjects and in addition we teach basic English, Music, Bible, along with an exciting athletics program.
Our goal is to motivate and prepare our students to enter High School by providing a safe environment to learn, build character and to make learning an enjoyable experience for the students.

Community Outreach Page

We believe that giving back to the community provides great learning for our children and staff members.  There are many ways we do outreach to the community.
Wednesday Night Crusaders – We host Crusaders every Wednesday night and average over 300 in attendance.  The children play games and participate in age-appropriate Bible Study and worship.  The adults participate in Bible Study and worship.  The community has come to enjoy and rely on this program as a way to keep their children focused on God and the scripture.
Summer Camp – We host week long Summer camps for children of all ages.  The staff and older children that live at Rio Bravo Children’s home lead games and Bible study programs for children from the home, school and community.