Rio Bravo Ministries maintains 4 Children’s Homes, two Schools and manages many Community Outreach Programs.  Your donation will help us provide the funds necessary to ensure the houses are in good working order, provide Wednesday night activities, Summer Camp and many other outreach ministries and ensure there is food on the table and staff members are paid.

Child Sponsorship

Rio Bravo Ministries is a non-profit organization supporting the development of the children of northern Mexico’s border towns. 

Your monthly donation will feed, house and educate our 70+ children in the children's home and the 400+ children in our elementary, middle school, high school and university programs. 

As a sponsor, you provide a recurring monthly donation and can provide gifts for the child’s birthday and Christmas.

Education Sponsorship

With your donation of just $50.00 a month you can give the gift of education to 1 child on the border. 

In 2016, The Leah Hansen Library was constructed and opened on the campus of Hope Christian School.  The library provides books in Spanish for the students to check out and a computer lab.  If you would like to donate a book to the Leah Hansen Library, please visit our registry on Amazon.